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Water Buffalo for Sale through Ballymena

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Water Buffalo for Sale through Ballymena *NEWSFLASH*
 This Farming life star, Steven Mitchell is offering for sale his
Renowned Suckler Herd of Water Buffalo.
His dream of becoming Scotland’s First Buffalo mozzarella producer has eventually came true, with this being the case he has made the difficult decision to sell his original herd to focus on the growth of his Dairy Herd.
The 36 In Calf cows and 3 with calves at foot, mixed ages between 3 and 12years are the best of genetics thanks to 17 years of selective breeding focused on temperament and udder shape to breed heifers for his new milking herd. Since making the transition he have significantly reduced this group from its peek at 120 to now 36 animals so, it really is the best of the best. The Animals available are PD’d in calf, due to calve June – September. (3 with April born calves at foot) . A few of the many advantages of buffalo is their longevity and that they are very self-sufficient when it comes to calving. 
The herd will be offered for sale preferably as one batch, but the opportunity is there to split the group.
Steve is very happy to answer questions on his experience keeping these animals.
 In general, they are kept in a very similar system to normal cattle.
If you would be interested in finding out more information on the Sale of these animals
Contact the team at Ballymena Livestock Market, Tel 028 25 633470
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